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L’Inaugural Italian-American Symposium in Pediatrics si svolgerà il 28-30 ottobre presso il Ruth and Tristram Colket, Jr. Translational Research Building di Philadelphia.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is pleased to announce its inaugural Italian-American Symposium in Pediatrics in collaboration with the Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence, Firenze, Italy, and the Italian Pediatric Society.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the oldest hospital in the United States dedicated exclusively to pediatrics, strives to be the world leader in the advancement of healthcare for children by integrating excellent patient care, innovative research and quality professional education into all of its programs. Founded in 1884 by the Marquis Giovanni Meyer in memory of his wife Anna, the Meyer Pediatric Hospital was one of the first hospital institutions in Italy exclusively devoted to the problems of child healthcare from birth to adolescence. In 1995, the Meyer Hospital, with the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Florence, became an independent health institute of the National Health System, due to recognition of its role as a highly specialized pediatric institution. The inaugural Italian-American Symposium in Pediatrics will focus on three main areas of advances in the care of children: unique cutting-edge therapies, new care delivery models, and new approaches to common and difficult pediatric clinical conditions. Expert faculty from Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia will present current topics and evidence-based medical practices in pediatrics in the diagnosis, treatment, and management for improved patient care and patient outcomes. The symposium is intended for pediatricians, pediatric surgeons and pediatric advanced practice nurses.

Course Objectives Upon completion of this live activity, participants should be able to:

  • Review new cutting-edge therapies in Pediatrics
  • Describe new systems of care delivery for children
  • Change and improve practice in consulting with pediatric specialists in the United States and Italy
  • Establish cross-cultural clinical knowledge and professional relationships