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Nobody can solve the tough challenges posed by pediatric care by themselves. Building long-term relationships and partnerships is fundamental and the only way to make new discoveries that, in turn, can lead to improvements in the care of young patients. That’s why Meyer is dedicated to promoting international partnerships that result in innovation and ensure that our vision to create a healthier future for our children becomes a reality.

Thanks to this approach, and our serious commitment to scientific research and clinical activity, Meyer is part of the international Children’s Hospital Association. The hospital also has strong ties with two of the best children’s treatment centers in the world, Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona Children's Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital.

Also fundamental to the hospital’s research work today is the Centro di Salute Globale (CSG), a regional multi-disciplinary group based at Meyer. The CSG studies the link between globalization and health, looking at issues such as equality, human rights, sustainability, diplomacy and international collaboration, as well as focusing on themes such as international cooperation concerning health issues. The hospital is able to develop numerous projects, including humanitarian ones, through the CSG.

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